Defensive Driving: Top 6 Rules to Stay Safe on the Road


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Defensive Driving: Top 6 Rules to Stay Safe on the Road

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Defensive Driving is a must to keep you and your family Safe on the Roads - Nothing can ruin a vacation like an accident on the road. 

Summer is coming… finally, right?  Soon many of us will be headed out for those road trips and long-overdue family vacations.  Wait – not so fast!   

With the warmer months ahead, there are statistically more drivers on the road, more road construction with lane closures, shifting lanes as well as changing weather conditions. 


Remember, when you get behind the wheel – It is important to feel confident in your own driving but do not trust that everyone else on the road will drive defensively and as safe as you will.      


Top 6 Rules to Stay Safe on the Road:


  1. Minimize Distractions – Cell phones, music, passengers, or eating while driving can take away your focus from the road and nearby drivers.  Prescription medications, lack of sleep and rest, or strong emotional states can also affect your concentration on the road.  Keep in mind that while you may have minimized your distractions, it does not mean that the drivers around you on the road have done the same. 

  2. Follow the Rules of the Road – Maintain safe speeds, obey posted signs, and be aware of any work zone signage that may affect the normal rules.

  3. Check your Mirrors Often – By checking your mirrors often, you will be aware of approaching vehicles such as speeders, oversized loads, emergency vehicles, and drunk drivers to name a few.  Do not forget to check your blind spots whether you are making a planned lane change or an emergency one!

  4. Be Observant – Watching the behavior of other drivers around you can help you to react to a potential accident.  Potentially unsafe driving behavior to watch out for includes erratice and/or possibly impaired drivers, speeders, tail-gaters, road-ragers, fast lane changers, blind lane changers, extremely slow drivers, and other aggressive or generally unsafe behavior on the road. Be sure to keep a healthy distance between yourself and other drivers.  If you need to pass, do it quickly and as safely as possible.

  5. Change Lanes only when Necessary – Change lanes when necessary but avoid excessive lane changing.  This will help to reduce your risk of having an accidents.

  6. Have an Escape Plan – Road conditions and traffic can change suddenly.  Keep your eyes ahead for brake lights, road obstacles, approaching curves, construction, on and off-ramps, stale yellow traffic lights and intersections to prepare and plan for lane changes or slowing and stopping traffic.  Being aware of shoulder width, composition, medians, or ditch depth can also help in the event you have to make an emergency stop or take an escape route to avoid an accident.


So, to summarize, Defensive Driving is being aware and present whenever driving a vehicle - everyone on the road is counting on you. 

On behalf of everyone here at Tradebe, we wish you all a wonderful summer season and above all - Stay Safe!



Additional Tip: Consider taking a defensive driving course for you and especially the teenage drivers in your household - many Defensive Driving training courses are offered through your local Department of Motor Vehicles.  


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“Be Safe - Work Safe. Safety is No Accident!”

Erika Reichard, Regional Training Manager, Tradebe USA

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