Corporate governance


The Board of Directors of Tradebe is chaired by Josep Creixell, founder and president of the company.

The Executive Committee is headed by Victor Creixell and is the governing body through which the company is managed. The Executive Committee is responsible for defining and approving the strategic plan, selecting and guiding senior management responsible for managing the various business operations, and fundamentally providing the leadership for long-term growth.



Board of Directors

  • Creixell, Josep | Chairman Board of Directors


Executive Management Team

  • Creixell, Victor | CEO Tradebe Environmental Services
  • Creixell, Jordi | Vice President
  • Gazulla, Alex | Corporate Development Director 
  • Borrell, Jordi | Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Erliso, Sandra  | Chief People & Communications Office
  • Dales, Kristian | CEO Tradebe UK 
  • Rossi, Ghia | CEO Tradebe USA
  • Zaldúa, Iñaki | CEO Tradebe Spain 

Company News