Corporate Social Responsibility

Tradebe is firmly commited to environmental protection, which is why we promote the development of the local communities with whom we work. Our activities in the plants generate thousands of direct jobs and, in turn, hundreds of indirect job as well. We recognize the importance of building stable relationships with our workers and their neighborhoods, maintaining smooth and open communications with our local communities. With this in mind, we get involved and take part in meetings, forums and events organized in the communities near our plants. We open the doors of our plants to any visitors who wish to see them and we are delighted to provide information on our operations in any of our facilities.

We consider it important to maintain a two-way dialogue with all employees and we work to improve this relationship and support both the workers of Tradebe and the people who live in the communities near our plants.

In Tradebe the environmental protection and the creation of a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations is a priority