Ensuring Compliance when Choosing a Lab Pack Vendor


Ensuring Compliance when Choosing a Lab Pack Vendor

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Top 6 Evaluation Criteria when Choosing a Lab Pack and Environmental Service Vendor

There are many vendors offering waste management services.  However, choosing the best partner who is not only reliable but also offers the solutions that you and your business value is the key.  

Regulatory Compliance and Safety is at the Top of the List for Qualifying a Hazardous Waste Vendor.   

However, Compliance and Safety are only the beginning! 

Whether you choose Tradebe or another vendor, please be sure to select a service provider that meets all of the following criteria:


1. Compliance and Safety

Environmental regulatory compliance and Safety is of paramount importance when choosing the right vendor for your waste management needs. Maintaining compliance by choosing a competent service provider is a simple way to avoid complicated problems.Proper compliance safeguards employees, equipment and our work environment. Improper compliance may lead to injuries, spills, and unnecessary fines. It becomes even more essential when considering lab pack service providers.  Maintaining compliance through a competent service provider is a simple way to avoid complicated problems.


Experience and knowledge - there is no substitute!


2. Experience You Can Trust

When soliciting lab pack service make sure to choose an experienced vendor. Large inventories of lab pack waste are intrinsically difficult to segregate and pack in accordance with regulations. Incompatible wastes can easily be overlooked and packed together; increasing risk for incident and non-compliance. An experienced lab pack team will be prepared for any hazards that may arise.


3. Specialized, Technical Skillstradebe-compliance-safety-priority

  • Remote-opening and Stabilization for High Hazardous Wastes like Reactives and Poisons.

Be certain the provider can remotely open and stabilize chemicals for transit if needed. Highly hazardous reactive chemicals and poison inhalation hazards can be found at nearly every major high school and college lab. Reputable providers utilize specific lab pack guidelines to ensure safe transit. For highly reactive compounds stabilization and remote opening may be necessary to comply with federal transit regulations.

An inexperienced provider may pack and transport a chemical in conditions forbidden by transportation regulation.

  • Unknown Compounds

Another common issue for lab pack services are unknown compounds. Chemicals may be mixed or transferred to new containers and not properly labeled. Federal, state and local regulations specifically prohibit the transportation, storage, or disposal of wastes of unknown identity.  

A compliant lab pack service provider will not transit unknowns without properly identifying the compounds prior to packing.


    Contact Us for More Information on Compliant Lab Packing or to Request a Quote.  


4. Certified Hazardous Materials Transporter

Once the waste is lab packed properly and safely, a service provider will utilize certified hazardous materials transportation to the disposal facility. Hazardous waste transporters require certification not commonly carried by traditional transporters.

Generators are responsible to verify their servicer utilizes certified hazardous waste transportation.

Tradebe Environmental Services’ Lab Pack Services meet and exceed the above guidelines. Unlike most other providers, Tradebe only hires degreed chemists with the expertise to manage any lab pack situation. Our chemists are trained to pack according to regulation to ensure our generators are in compliance.

Tradebe also operates our own certified hazardous materials transportation fleet and our chemists are licensed to transit hazardous materials.  


5. Sustainable Waste Management approach – Recycle and Reuse as a Priority


At Tradebe, we not only guarantee compliant lab pack services, but we also focus on maximizing the reuse of our generator’s wastes. Upon arrival at our disposal facility, lab pack wastes are de-packed at our unique de-pack sector.

Streams to be recycled are bulked and sent for fuel blending or chemical reuse.  Many of our competitors incinerate lab pack waste which leads to less oversight and less environmentally sound management. For Tradebe, it is in our own best interest for safety and compliance to pack our clients’ lab pack wastes properly to regulation to ensure we minimize our own risks when de-packing. 


6. Total Waste Management model

One Call / One Vendor – While many in our industry answer the phone and then call others, like Tradebe, to go and do the work, transport, dispose.  There is nothing wrong with this and there are many reliable companies that do indeed broker waste management.  However,  - When you call Tradebe, we not only send our own Tradebe chemists to your site but also we transport the waste using our fleet of equipment and then de-pack the waste at our Tradebe fully-permitted, state-of-the-art Chemical De-pack facility.

Questions about Lab Packing or other Sustainable Waste Management opportunities? Contact me now - look forward to hearing from you!    

Nolan Kappelman, Technical Services Specialist, Tradebe USA

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What do Tradebe Chemists do on site as part of the Lab Pack Service?


At Tradebe, our priorities are safety and the protection of people and the environment.  If Safety and Compliance are important to your business, catch the latest buzz: Subscribe Now… 

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