Expansion of the Tradebe Chemicals Division into Germany through a sustainable development partnership with BASF

  •  Tradebe has designed a sustainable solvent recovery facility to treat and  recycle solvent chemicals from the production cycles of BASF Schwarzheide GmbH.
  •  Tradebe will construct this facility on s BASF Schwarzheide GmbH site.
  •  This development is aligned with BASF's objective to integrate intelligent circular economy solutions into its production processes by maximizing recycling opportunities.


September 25, 2018. Tradebe continues to expand its operations in Europe. In this case, it is the Tradebe Chemicals Division, which will lead the development of a sustainable chemical plant for solvent recycling in Germany. The recycling operation will be carried out on the BASF Schwarzheide GmbH site and will focus on the recovery of the material generated from BASF production cycles.

The new installation has been designed to the highest standards and will have both fractional distillation and flash solutions for the recovery of solvents. The completion date of the 5 million Euro investment will be in early 2020 and will have the capacity to process more than 10,000 tons per year.

BASF has the mission and the commitment of creating chemistry for a sustainable future and, therefore, is dedicated to applying circular economy solutions in its production processes, whenever possible. Tradebe’s  development is feasible from an environmental and economic point of view and will allow BASF to extract the maximum value of its solvent residues through recycling and the return of solvents to the market.

The Director of Tradebe’s Chemicals Division, Oscar Creixell, expresses his satisfaction about the new collaboration between BASF and Tradebe. "We are very pleased that the BASF-Tradebe association has been formalized, we believe that the future of the Tradebe Chemicals Division is through a closer relationship with our customers and being a quality partner in their supply chain, as in this partnership with BASF. As we always do, we will focus our efforts to correspond to the trust that BASF has placed on us."


About Tradebe

Tradebe Chemicals Division is a specialist producer of quality-approved fine and specialty chemicals, offering a complete service for our customers’ chemical requirements. Tradebe Chemicals offers a global sourcing of chemicals, innovative development of new and/ or existing products, process optimization, flexible chemical processing to a high specification (standard, complex and multi-step) and the safe delivery of chemicals through our established delivery network. In addition, we also offer ancillary services including storage, filling, packaging and labelling.

Tradebe is a leading, global company in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, etc. We offer our services in Europe (UK, Spain and France and Germany), the Middle East and in the US.  Tradebe, employing more than 2,100 people worldwide, operates more the 80 facilities across Spain (30), United Kingdom (20), United States (22), France (2), and the Middle East, Oman (7) and now Germany.  www.tradebe.com


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