Tradebe becomes an associate member of the British Coatings Federation

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Tradebe has become an associate member of the British Coatings Federation (BCF).

The British Coatings Federation is the representative body for the UK’s paint, printing ink, powder coating and wallcovering manufacturing industries (approx 90% of the UK Paints and Coatings market).

Tradebe is the UK’s largest commercial solvent recycler and works closely with many companies from the printing, packaging and coatings industry to recycle spent solvents either for re-use or for onward sales. Tradebe helps customers to reduce the costs for solvent supplies and waste disposal and improve their environmental performance.

Services we provide to the coatings industry includes:

Solvent Toll Recovery
Toluene Free Print Wash
Thinner Blends
Recovered Solvent Sales
Solvent Waste Recovery (Secondary Liquid Fuel)
High Temperature Incineration

Becoming an associate member of the BCF will bring Tradebe closer to our current and potential customers from the coatings industry. This will help us to better understand the needs and wants of the coatings industry and further bespoke our service offerings. The BCF provides us with opportunities to directly promote our relevant services and opens up a number of networking opportunities including seminars, conferences and committees.

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