Tradebe Completes Buy Out and Dissolution of Clinical Waste Joint Venture with the Recycling and Recovery UK Division of SUEZ

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September 2016.  We are delighted to announce that Tradebe has acquired the remaining 25% stake in the clinical waste joint venture with SUEZ, transferring the ownership of Tradebe Healthcare (Holdings) Limited, in its entirety, to Tradebe. This acquisition of the minority stake is a natural progression for Tradebe to increase its footprint within the UK and the clinical waste industry.

In 2013 Tradebe and SUEZ entered into a clinical waste management joint venture to become one of the UK’s leading service providers. The company combined the strengths of providing both high temperature incineration and alternative process treatment to offer enhanced customer solutions.

Lynne King, Tradebe Healthcare Director: “Firstly, we would like to thank SUEZ for their valuable support and input over the last few years. The experience we have gained has firmly placed Tradebe on the map and provided us with a platform on which to grow.

“Tradebe UK as a whole is driving forward our ‘ONETRADEBE’ ethos, which focuses on consolidation and advancing from our synergies at a high level.

“I will oversee the continual integration and harmonisation of the Healthcare division to ensure an efficient, high quality and compliant service to all our healthcare customers. Although my main focus will be Healthcare, my knowledge of Tradebe’s UK services will contribute to becoming a more cross functional company, maximising the synergies between our hazardous and healthcare operations.”


TRADEBE Healthcare (Holdings) Limited belongs to the global umbrella company Tradebe. Tradebe Healthcare provides nationwide services to customers requiring collection, transport, treatment and disposal of clinical waste, as well as ancillary services relating to compliance and training.


TRADEBE is a leading company in industrial waste management services in Europe (UK, Spain and France) and in the US. TRADEBE, employs in excess of 2,130 people world-wide, operates 71 facilities across Spain (25), United Kingdom (21), United States (17), France (2); and since 2015, seven sites in Oman.

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