TRADEBE is pleased to announce our 2018 EMR is .72

Be Safe, Work Safe. Safety is no accident!
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TRADEBE Environmental Services has achieved an Experience Modification Rate, of .72, representing a reduction in our rating for the past several years.

Experience Modification Rate, or its acronym EMR, is a very important safety performance indicator, created by the National Council of Compensation Insurance (“NCCI”), and is used not only by insurance companies in determining workers compensation insurance premiums, but by our customers when evaluating and comparing potential service vendors.   EMR measures a company’s accident and injury prevention and management, as well as gauges a company’s safety performance and culture.  Notably, EMR is a multi-year trailing indicator, which means injuries that occurred up to three years in the past impact a company’s current year EMR. 

“As a result of our current EMR rating, our customers will recognize TRADEBE as a leader in the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries! Safety is a daily priority at Tradebe – there’s nothing more important than the safety of our team members and our clients”, says Jeff Beswick, TRADEBE USA CEO.

An EMR of 1.0 indicates a company’s safety performance is the same as other companies in the same designated industry (the standard average), whereas an EMR lower than 1.0 -- which is our goal -- indicates a company is better (works safer) than other companies in the same industry.  Conversely, an EMR of greater than 1.0 indicates that a company is at a higher risk of workplace injuries as compared to other companies in our industry. 

Over the past several years, Tradebe has dedicated a great deal of time, resources, and effort to improving the health and safety of our facilities and work environment.  We have created a myriad of safety initiatives, including a behavior-based Safety Program, effective and repeatable Safe Work Permit Programs and efficient and engaging Incident Investigation Program.

These initiatives have contributed to a steady year over year decline in both the severity and frequency of workers’ injuries.  More importantly - TRADEBE’s team members have each stepped up their individual efforts to make safety the highest priority in everything we do.

“Be Safe, Work Safe. Safety is no accident!”



TRADEBE is one of the largest global companies in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and more. As a global business dedicated to sustainable waste management, we seek the greenest waste solutions possible with a priority on recycling and recoveryWe recycle over 60% of the waste we process.

In the United States, TRADEBE’s network of facilities includes fully permitted TSDFs and regional 10-day service centers positioned throughout the country. We maintain a fully permitted transportation fleet operating throughout this network to service our clients’ diverse transport requirements.

Many of our clients are also operating global businesses and choose TRADEBE as their preferred supplier for one simple reason – to achieve corporate sustainability initiatives while improving the bottom line through cost reductions at the local level. Our Total Waste Management service model, including our specialized Corporate Account Management, allows our clients to focus on their core business while TRADEBE advances their EH&S programs.

For more information on how TRADEBE can assist you with your goals of sustainable waste recycling, please call us at (800) 388-7242 Nationwide or at (888) 276-0887 in the Northeast or email us at

Tradebe is a $500MM global company in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and more - leading industrial waste management services in Europe (UK, Spain and France), the Middle East and in the US.  Tradebe, employing more than 2,300 people worldwide, operates 77 facilities across Spain (25), United Kingdom (20), United States (23), France (2); and the Middle East, Oman (7).


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