Tradebe Scotoil’s Laboratory Refurbishment & Expansion

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We are delighted to showcase our fully refurbed and expanded laboratory at Aberdeen Tradebe Scotoil.

Not only can we now carry out all our analysis on site, but in the near future we can undertake sampling for other companies in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as the wider waste sector.

We now have two gamma spectrometers for the analysis of Naturally Occurring Radioactive (NORM) samples, one of which is fitted with an auto sampler that allows for continuous analysis.

In addition, we have acquired an alpha spectrometer to carry out radiochemical Polonium 210 analysis and ICP-AES that detects trace metals such as Zinc, Chromium and Copper, etc.

This extension gives us the capability to analyse for total Hydrocarbon content of both solids and liquids, with the option to have a more detailed breakdown on Hydrocarbons present, along with testing for Ammonia content in water.   

To compliment this further, we will invest in a Mercury analyser to allow for quick Mercury results, which are often required, as well as a flash point analyser.

These developments further increase Tradebe Scotoil’s capabilities and helps to maintain our strong competitive position as a leading environmental solutions provider of NORM services to the Oil and Gas industry:

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