Tradebe UK Launches the HazBox Service

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Tradebe have launched the HazBox collection service for UK businesses that require the disposal of small volume mixed hazardous wastes, such as light bulbs, aerosols, ink cartridges, batteries, adhesives etc. Under the Hazardous Waste Regulations, organisations must ensure that their hazardous waste is segregated from general dry waste and disposed of appropriately. The boxes have been designed to provide safe storage, segregation and transportation of small hazardous wastes. Our HazBox offers a simple, cost effective and legally compliant solution for businesses across the UK.

Tradebe's waste transfer stations across the UK are effectively managing the collection, storage and final disposal of the HazBox service. The key to the success of the service has been building up customers within a local geographical region to our transfer sites.

The HazBox has the capacity to store up to 55 litres / 20kg of mixed hazardous wastes that are not suitable for general waste. Made from durable, heavy duty plastic, our reusable boxes provide a safe waste storage solution for any working environment. The HazBox is clean, compact and easy to manoeuvre for efficient collection.

What happens to the Waste?

The waste is inspected, categorised and segregated prior to recycling, re-use, treatment and/or disposal. The waste will be treated in the most economical and environmentally friendly way according to the EU Waste Hierarchy.

If you would like to know more about the service, please complete our enquiry form here.

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