Solidarity and sustainable collaboration

Solidarity and sustainable collaboration

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At Tradebe's Barcelona Port facilities, we have been in charge of the management and treatment of industrial and port waste since 1992. Amongst our services we also offer the recycling of waste from ships (MARPOL services), from which we obtain a product for subsequent use as a source of energy or energy recovery.


This time we have gone a step further, thanks to the will and determination of our team at the port of Marpol Barcelona, as well as the Virgin Voyages and Norwegian Cruise Line teams and the invaluable support of their Port Agents, Global Ports Holdings and Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services respectively, we have managed to provide a solidarity donation of this kind for the first time. 



After a long process of administrative and customs clearance, we have been able to collect two donations from cruise ships. On the one hand, the Virgin ship, which was arriving at its last stop of the season, said goodbye by donating used clothing, a total of more than 350 items of clothing and footwear. While the Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship has made a donation of more than twenty sofas. Both donations are part of the sustainability policies of the shipping companies. 


The NGO Formació i Treball, which works with models of high social impact, environmental vision, and economic sustainability, has acted as an intermediary for the receipt and management of the donations, employing staff at risk of exclusion from triage and clean the clothes so that they can be distributed through Cáritas and second-hand shops. As for the furniture, it will help to meet the needs of families at risk of social exclusion. In addition to this activity, the employment of fifteen people at risk of social exclusion will be supported.

At Tradebe we have the drive and ability to contribute to sustainable industrial development. We are firmly committed to minimising the environmental impact of industrial processes to meet the needs of society. Initiatives such as these demonstrate our environmental and social commitment.  


For more information about Virgin Voyages' sustainable projects and Norwegian Cruise Line Holding LTD's global sustainability programme "Sail & Sustain" visit the Intercruises and globalportsholding websites.