Tradebe achieves its second ISCC certification

Tradebe achieves its second ISCC certification

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Tradebe has obtained two sustainability certificates at its plant in the Port of Bilbao. Firstly, it has been accredited with the ISCC Plus Certificate for Tradebe Green Fuel (TGF) produced from MARPOL Annex I waste. Additionally, it has been accredited with the ISCC EU Certificate for waste from Annex II (X, Y), originating from maritime transport and generated during the pre-flushing of tanks transporting products contained in Chapter 17 of the IBC Code.

The MARPOL Convention, together with other EU regulations, obliges port administrations to have port facilities that meet the needs of ships, ensuring the proper management of their waste generated from their transport activity.

Tradebe has a port services division with extensive experience in the environmental management of MARPOL waste, and whose activity is carried out under the umbrella of a sustainable strategy aligned with the SDGs. In particular, SDG 14 of the United Nations, well aware of the threat posed by marine pollution due to human activity and the need to carry out recognised measures to address the challenges related to the climate and the environment.

This sustainability policy has enabled Tradebe to be certified with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), an internationally recognised, practical and transparent scheme to ensure the circular traceability of our processes of collection, treatment, and the recycling of waste from ships.

On 5th December 2022, Tradebe Puerto de Bilbao received the ISCC Plus Certificate for Tradebe Green Fuel (TGF) obtained from oily waste from ships (MARPOL, Annex I) and the ISCC EU Certificate for pre-wash water (MARPOL Annex II).

With this certification, Tradebe ensures the control and compliance of collection, storage and production processes, prioritising environmental performance and customer satisfaction.

The ISCC voluntary scheme reinforces the adoption of sustainable practices in daily work, as well as in each of the elements that make up the chain of custody of waste and finished products.

Tradebe provides its customers with technology capable of converting waste from ships either into products that are reused or into raw materials that are used for the production of biofuels in accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive II.

Since obtaining this certification, all products made from MARPOL waste are issued with a recognised Declaration of Sustainability.

Tradebe Puerto de Bilbao joins Tradebe Port de Barcelona as companies certified under the ISCC Plus seal.


In 2015, Tradebe was a global pioneer in achieving this certification for Annex I waste. It is once again leading the way in the environmental management of MARPOL waste, being the first port facility to receive waste with ISCC EU recognition for Annex II waste from the washing of cargo ship tanks that call at the Port of Bilbao.

After long-term professional experience as a Port Service for the reception of waste from ships and MARPOL cargo waste, this is how Tradebe reaffirms its commitment, which is reflected in a positive impact both on the environment and on our society.


About the ISCC

In July 2011, the ISCC EU was fully recognised by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). In addition, ISCC certification goes beyond the requirements of the RED and FQD to include extensive ecological and social requirements.