Nuclear Waste Decomissioning Services

Key service provider to a strategic infrastructure in the UK

Nuclear Waste Decomissioning Services at Tradebe Inutec

We are a key part of the dismantling and decontamination process of nuclear facilities

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Disposal of radioactive materials and associated infrastructure

Closure and cleanup of nuclear sites, ensuring the safe handlin of all materials

Nuclear Waste Decommissioning Services refer to the comprehensive set of activities and processes involved in safely dismantling, and decontaminating nuclear facilities and disposing of materials that are no longer in use or have reached the end of their operational life. This service aims to manage the closure and cleanup of nuclear sites, ensuring the safe handling and disposal of radioactive materials and associated infrastructure. 

Tradebe Inutec offers comprehensive solutions for diffrent intensity leves of radioactive waste, and for a variety of isotopes, providing safe and compliant processing and disposal options. Our facilities at Winfrith and Fawley are equipped to handle various processes such as washing, recycling, incineration, and measurement techniques ensuring efficient removal and treatment of complex wastes, thus reducing customers’ risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Inutec addresses the challenge of problematic and orphan waste treatment in the nuclear industry by de-classifying them for disposal as low-level waste (LLW). With extensive experience and facilities, we offer innovative technical approaches to process these wastes into compliant forms for disposal, contributing to waste reduction and site optimization while meeting stringent safety standards.

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Support to the nuclear decommissioning market

Expertise and facilities to ensure efficient handling

Furthermore, Inutec provides a range of services including encapsulation, sort/segregation/size reduction, metallic waste services, analytical and characterization services, and high-temperature incineration. Our expertise and facilities ensure efficient handling, treatment, and disposal of radioactive wastes, supporting the nuclear decommissioning market with cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions. 

Tradebe Inutec

Providing offsite treatment for over 30 years


Low-Level and Borderline Intermediate-Level radioactive wastes.

Making complex waste simple

Our  700m2 building is a flexible, multipurpose modular facility that can treat both Low-Level and Borderline Intermediate-Level radioactive wastes. In support of the UK’s commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050, our business must find approaches which reduce the emissions released within our operations and across our value chain, whilst maintaining the vital waste management services we provide.


Flexibility and excellence


Disposing of complex waste materials can be costly. And with increasing volumes of Low Level and Borderline Intermediate Level Wastes, producers need to find new costeffective ways to safely dispose of material.

Taking title to Customer wastes at our Winfrith centre of excellence opens up new options for more effective offsite waste processing and disposal. Our SQEP workforce bring unrivalled insight and practical experience to radioactive waste services ranging from radiochemistry through to co-packaging and disposal.

We support customers with the following services:

  • Problematic and Borderline Waste
  • ILW Sampling, Characterisation & Analysis
  • Supercompaction
  • Complex Metallic Recycling
  • Tritium Services
  • Incineration

Download Tradebe Inutec Waste Permits & Waste Management Licences

Please click on the links below to download the latest waste acceptance criteria, permits, waste management licences and ISO certificates in PDF. To view the documents, please ensure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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