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Solvent Recovery, Blending & Distillation Services

SDS, Chemical Recovery and Solvent Recovery & Distillation

Transforming hazardous waste into usable products

Offering reclaimed solvents for industrial use

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Solid Destillation System (SDS)

More than 36,000 tons managed per year

Offers generators an effective and cost-efficient method for recycling organic solid waste that might otherwise be incinerated or landfilled.

Prior to SDS technology, most organic hazardous waste solids were incinerated in a process designed to destroy the hazardous organic content by driving off volatiles and burning excess gases. Alternatively, SDS extracts organics from hazardous waste solids and transforms them into a usable product. 

SDS is a multistaged process including waste container conveyance and shredding, indirect thermal desorption, scrap metal washing and recycling, organic and water phase separation, and distillation of recovered organic liquids. Wastes suitable for SDS include Paints and Paint-related Debris, Resins, Polymers, Solvent-soaked Rags, Other Organic Solids & Debris. SDS promotes recycling, reclamation, and reuse. With the addition of the second SDS unit, (SDS2), the SDS total production has increased from 12,000 tons per year to 36,000 tons per year.

Waste can be received in various size containers from small cans to cubic yard boxes. Metal, plastic, and fiber drums are processed with equal efficiency, eliminating costly and potentially unsafe handling and repackaging on site at generator locations.

Thanks to our SDS units, we are able to reclaim 7.000 tones of scrap every year and we reuse 2.7 million galons of mixed solvents. 

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Chemical Recovery

Over 40 million pounds of hazardous chemicals are recycled into reusable products every year

We redirect chemicals into an industrial reuse program, removing them from RCRA Waste reporting and simultaneously reducing the energy spent on creating new industrial chemicals. Tradebe collaborates with more than 400 vendors seeking reclaimed industrial by-products. Our purchases, based on parameters like quantity, composition, and representative samples, ensure efficient recycling. Chemicals not qualifying for our Reuse Program may find suitability for our Distillation Program.

Having processed 140 million pounds of hazardous material in the last decade through our Chemical Reuse Program, we offer various solvent mixtures for sale. Reclaimed solvents, including Aromatic Blend, Acetone Blend, Toluene, and Aliphatic Blend, are available, performing seamlessly in applications where virgin solvents were previously used. 

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Destillation Services

We offer a variety of technologies to treat all kinds of solvents

Thanks to our technology we are able to eliminate impurities
generated during chemical reactions, resulting in a high-quality solvent with specifications like the original product. Our enhanced capabilities encompass various distillation methods, liquid-liquid extraction, and cGMP processes for pharmaceutical customers. Solvent types range from alcohols and ketones to chlorinated compounds and organic acids. 

We offer three unique distillation units, including Fractional Distillation, Solvent Recovery Distillation, and Thin Film Evaporation.

The addition of a Molecular Sieve enhances water removal, elevating solvent market value and enabling Toll Processing for bulk waste streams, a closed-loop reclamation program providing customers with a finished product tailored to their specifications.

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