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Used Oil Pick up & Recycling Services

Collection & Recycling

We offer our wide expertise and transportation assets for the

collection of your used oil and other garage waste

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We offer a premium service and a recycling only solution

Thanks to our long experience in this industry we are able to recycle waste oil, bringing it back to the lubricants market or the fuels industry.

We have developed our own technologies as well as a robust network of partners that allow us to accept a broad array of specifications, and at the same time convert a waste material into a valuable resource.

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We offer a wide array of services

Together with the collection and recycling of used oil, we offer  our wide expertise, equipment, and transportation assets to collect regulated waste like Used Antifreeze, Oily Water, Used Oil Filters, Oily Debris, and Drummed Waste. In filter processing, metal filters are crushed to extract additional Used Oil, and absorbents are pressed to recover fluids before preparing the remaining materials for recycling and energy recovery.


Collection and transportation are efficiently managed through tanker trucks, vacuum tankers, bulk containers, and drums.



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