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We’ve added our first electric vehicle (EV) to the Tradebe Healthcare fleet.

Supplied by fleet partner Fraikin, the 3.5 tonne Maxus eDeliver 9 van will reduce CO2 emissions by 14,000kg per year.

The EV is based at the Tradebe Healthcare Rochester depot and will be driven by Maxine Coster to collect medical waste for processing and disposal from London ambulance stations.

Maxine said: “I’m really enjoying using the EV and reducing the negative impact my job usually has on the environment. I’m impressed with its performance when driving around town, which was what concerned me most. It’s given me the personal challenge of trying to maximise the distance I achieve from each charge. As technology and infrastructure improve it will go from strength to strength and I am looking forward to being a part of the adventure.”

The van was selected following a detailed route evaluation. With an optimum payload and 352km range from a single charge, the Maxus was the best vehicle for the job. Mark Grant, Supply Chain Manager for Healthcare, says: “Utilising Fraikin’s experience we knew the specification of the van would perfectly suit our operation. Working in London, it ensures we will remain ULEZ compliant, while also helping us meet our sustainability goals as a business.”

The van is fitted with a full suite of connected technology which, through the MYSMARTFLEET platform, allows for data-derived driver behaviour analysis and additional safety services, such as instant crash alerts and driver walkaround vehicle checks to ensure continued vehicle compliance.