Why Ecotourism Matters in the Fight Against Climate Change

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Global tourism has risen again, and with ever-increasing demand for air travel, never has hopscotching the globe been more accessible. However, there is a cost beyond what you pay for plane tickets. Air travel contributes a large amount of the harmful greenhouse gases that lead to a warming planet and all the negative consequences of a rapidly changing global environment.

Mitigation efforts have been gaining traction in the travel and tourism sector for several years. Ecotourism has been introduced as a concept designed to mitigate the effects on the environment that tourism causes.


The concept of ecotourism is based on making travel more sustainable. There are a few different ways sustainability is thought of in this context. One is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases used to transport and accommodate people traveling from place to place. Reducing the distance traveled, for example, is one way to do this. Another sustainability practice is lessening negative impact when visiting other places. This involves travelers learning local customs, and learning how locals provide sustainable options for clothing, shelter, and food.


An important part of ecotourism is supporting natural environments and sustainable energy. When enough tourists choose green transportation options, for example, they support public transit, which on average emits 45% less greenhouse gases than driving a car, and awareness is raised of local environmental and natural issues. In turn, the overall emission of greenhouse gases is reduced. Even a slight reduction in emissions helps at this point.


Look for ecotourism destinations that have accommodations and other services based on sustainable practices. Make a point to visit natural areas or wildlife preserves to support local conservation efforts.

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