Tradebe expands its presence in the Port of Barcelona

October 1, 2020
Corporate, Environmental Services
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Barcelona, September 30th, 2020 – The Port Authority of Barcelona has granted Tradebe Port de Barcelona (Ecoimsa) a 23-year concession for the construction and operation of a new plant dedicated to the treatment of industrial and maritime waste in the Port of Barcelona.

With a surface area of 24,204 m², this concession is linked to an ambitious investment project in which Tradebe aims to position itself as a European leader in the recovery of sustainable marine fuel.

The project is in line with the EU’s Circular Economy objectives and includes the best available techniques in environmental matters, anticipating the application of Directive 2010/75/EU, which establishes the best available techniques (BAT) for waste treatment.

In June 2019, Tradebe Port de Barcelona became the first company in the sector to receive the ISCC Plus Certificate for Tradebe Green Fuel (TGF), which is obtained from ships’ oil waste (MARPOL, Annex I, type C).

Since receiving our ISCC Plus certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification plus), all Tradebe products originating from this type of waste are issued under a Sustainability Statement. While certification cannot be the sole driver behind the necessary transition to an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future, it is deemed essential to ensure transparency in global supply chains and guarantee our commitment to the environment and sustainable production.

Tradebe has a long history at the Port of Barcelona as a provider and manager of the MARPOL service for ships. Throughout its history at the Muelle de la Energía, Tradebe has continued to invest in the improvement and expansion of its facilities, adapting to new techniques and technologies, in addition to the growing demand for a quality, uninterrupted MARPOL service at the Port of Barcelona.