Ways Your Smart Home Can Save Energy

May 17, 2023
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We’re all concerned about our carbon and energy footprints these days, but the good news is that smart home technology can help lower your energy bills and avoid costly repairs.

Investing in smart home technology is getting more affordable by the day as more companies figure out ways to help you program your energy expenditure with smoother software. How can you use smart home technology to save money at home? Here are three easy ways:


Consumers in the United States spend an estimated $130 billion a year on wasted energy. Much of that energy comes from simply leaving the lights on. There are many examples of smart light bulbs that can be adjusted in brightness, so you’re not spending more energy than you need to. Many others can be remotely switched off if you forget to hit the light switch on your way out the door.


Even if you don’t have a full smart home setup for all your electronic appliances, you can still save money and energy by using smart plugs. These products plug into your electrical outlets and usually come with their own smartphone app that you can use to program times of use, remotely switch devices on or off, and even monitor your total electrical consumption.


Thermostats are possibly the biggest energy wasters in a typical household. By investing in smart thermostats, you can program your heating and cooling systems to engage or disengage at different times of the day automatically. Some will even constantly regulate your inside temperature to be within certain comfort and energy consumption limits.

All of these products are now widely available around the world. You don’t need to fully deck out your house in smart home technology to benefit from this technology and save money and energy.