Solidarity bottlecaps

Solidarity bottlecaps

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At Tradebe we work and promote different solidarity initiatives; we carry out a solidarity campaign at Christmas, we celebrate Christmas Jumper Day to collaborate with the NGO Save the Children, we make donations of old computer equipment, etc. In recent years, we have also promoted an initiative to collect plastic bottle caps, also for charity purposes.


Solidarity bottlecaps: Why do we recycle them and where do they go?


The material of which the caps are made is high-density polyethylene, a type of plastic of high-quality and value in the market as it can be reused in the packaging, packing, electrical, automotive, and other industries.

We have managed to collect 1,000kg (15 industrial bags of 1m3 capacity) of recycled bottle caps. This has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the different cruise companies of the Port of Barcelona, who joined the initiative by preparing the bottlecaps to dedicate them to a good cause.

Last week the bottle caps were taken to a recycling company and transported free of charge by Muñoz Salgado.

The recycling company will pay for these bottlecaps at market price and will recycle them to give them a new lease of life. The amount obtained from these bottlecaps will be donated in full to the solidarity initiative led by the Port of Barcelona "Contenidor Solidari del Port de Barcelona".


It is a pleasure for us to be able to carry out this type of initiative and thus show our commitment to making the planet a better place.