Trademar, the new Tradebe Port of Barcelona barge


Trademar, the new Tradebe Port of Barcelona barge

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Last year, Tradebe Port of Barcelona carried out the construction of a barge with a capacity of 230m3 for liquid waste, without limitation as regards its FP, and 36m3 for solid waste. Trademar is a barge certified for the collection of MARPOL waste Annexes I, II, IV, V & VI.

This type of vessel is used to provide MARPOL services (collection) to ships.

Being able to provide the MARPOL collection services with our own barge, Trademar, allows us to make a quantum leap in terms of the quality of our service: firstly, we reduce the number of services that use the road network, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, and secondly, the barge allows us to carry out several MARPOL services simultaneously: bilge waste, cargo residues and solid waste in one go, thus improving the service to the ship.

One filling of the Trademar barge is equivalent to 15-18 road tanker services, which helps free the streets around the Port of Barcelona of road traffic, in turn contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions from the port area.

So far, the services carried out using the barge have accounted for 30% of our total services, the remaining 70% being done by road tanker. Our goal is to reach a 50-50 split between road tankers and barge.

The initiative to build this barge and the improvements it has meant fit perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and a reduction in environmental impact, while at the same time adding our collaboration to the “Port of Barcelona Sectorial Sustainability Plan” led by the Barcelona Port Authority. This initiative seeks to find projects that help improve the Port of Barcelona in terms of sustainability.

Visit our MARPOL Service website here to learn more.