Ways the world can reduce emissions from global transport systems

Ways the world can reduce emissions from global transport systems

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The global transport system as a whole generates about 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions, and those emissions are growing. In order to bring climate change under control and severely reduce the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, great efforts must be undertaken. What can be done, and what is already being done to curb this growing problem?

Experts have identified three ways we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the global transport system:

1. Widespread Reliable Access to Safe, Modern Transport

Future transport systems have to focus on reducing the world's reliance on cars for transport. In order to accomplish this, alternative modes of transportation have to be made more affordable and available. That means more people the world over need better access to safe, fast, reliable, and affordable mass transit.

Many cities around the world have already begun expanding their public transit infrastructure. Many have, for example, added expanded walkways and bicycle paths designed to reduce vehicle congestion and air pollution. Cars and trucks are also a rising cause of death in many countries. The United Nations made a target goal of halving the injuries and deaths from vehicle crashes and collisions in 2021 by 2030.

2. Reduce Avoidable Air and Ground Transport

Countries around the world must encourage their constituents to think and plan ahead before using air and vehicle transport. Overall, people are moving around more, but changing infrastructure to make fewer trips using gas-powered modes of transport has to be considered.

3. Transition to Low or Zero-Carbon Emission Cars, Trucks, and Buses

Car companies are rushing to fill this void in the market, but even with this EV boom, it's unlikely to completely remove gas-powered vehicles from the transportation market.

All of these changes require monumental efforts, but if done correctly, they could quite literally save the world.