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Services we provide

Value-added services to complex and challenging custom synthesis requirements

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Offering enhanced services to meet complex and challenging custom synthesis needs

Utilising our in-house chemical and technical expertise, specialist technology and flexible facilities accelerate custom synthesis projects and provides innovation and optimisation alone the way.

As a reliable extension of our customers’ facilities, we efficiently take chemicals from concept to laboratory start-up through to commercial-scale production. We are a trusted independent, providing fast, flexible, and reactive custom solutions to our customers’ specific design, synthesis, development, and processing requirements.

We have strong relationships with leading chemical brands and the experience to operate to the highest stringent quality standards. Our European laboratories and facilities offer versatile chemical R&D, production and reaction capabilities that drive excellence in custom chemical development.

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Chemical Purification

European experts in chemical distillation and purification services

We offer simple, complex, and multi-step chemical processing, as well as batch and continuous chemical production for an extensive range of chemicals.

We are the European experts in chemical distillation and purification services from our specialist facilities across Europe. We are reliable chemical purification partners to many leading chemical companies, generating maximum value and sustainable solutions. Utilising our operational excellence, technical expertise, and knowledgeable team of chemical specialists, we are able to fractionate and purify chemicals after reaction steps, upgrade quality of virgin chemicals, separate chemicals or intermediates from solvents used during the process.

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Toll Manufacturing

Collaborative Contract and Toll Production Services Tailored to Your Exact Specifications

With a specialized focus on Pharma and Agrochemicals, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions for optimal performance. As an independent entity, we boast the flexibility to swiftly scale projects from laboratory experimentation through pilot phases to small-batch productions and finally to full-scale commercial manufacturing. Our comprehensive services encompass contract and toll production, supported by robust and versatile facilities equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities for processing chemicals to the most stringent specifications.

Backed by our in-house team of technical and operational chemical engineers, complemented by cutting-edge analytical laboratories, we drive value through continuous innovation. Our commitment to a strong culture of continuous improvement ensures that we consistently deliver product development and optimization services to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Moreover, our facilities and expertise are readily available for testing new products or formulations, offering our clients a faster route to market without the burdensome initial time and capital commitments. Rest assured, projects, processes, and formulations are handled with the utmost confidentiality, safeguarding our customers’ valuable intellectual property.”

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Solvent Recovery

High quality solvent with a similar specification to the original product.

As an integral part of our customers synthesis and chemical manufacturing process we are a critical part of the supply chain. The function of the recovered solvent product we supply is to dilute, to be the eluent, to extract, to solubilize or to separate different chemical compounds.

The solvent recovery process involves distillation to extract all impurities generated by the chemical reaction (by products, non-reacted raw materials, co reaction products, other solvents, …) to obtain a high quality solvent with a similar specification to the original product.

Our knowledge, international experience, level of expertise and standards within the facilities we operate combine to provide a highly qualified team. This allows us to offer continuous improvement projects collaborating in partnership with our customers, as a key partner in our customers value optimization.