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This year’s Chemspec Europe exhibition for fine and speciality chemicals was hosted in the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical hub of Basel, Switzerland on the 1st and 2nd of June.

As one of the largest solvent handling companies in Europe, Tradebe exhibited at Chemspec Europe within the Chemical Industry Association’s UK Pavilion arena. The event offers manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of fine and speciality chemicals a dedicated marketplace to meet with purchasers and agents looking for specific products or bespoke solutions.

European Tradebe representatives at the stand included: Frederic Cleach (International Recycle Business Manager), Sue Smith (Solvent Sales Manager-UK), Gaylord Bozec (Commercial Director – France), Juan Luis Sola (Solvents Sales – Spain) and Bruce Wilson (Recycle Product Sales Manager - UK).

Our solvent division provides services with customers from across Europe and worldwide. This event has always been key for the continual building of strong relationships with our European customers, but is also valuable to increase our brand exposure within the multi-national chemical manufacturing and related industries.

Chemspec Europe has announced that next year’s exhibition will be held in Germany.

One of the Largest Solvent Handling Companies in Europe

Tradebe is one of Europe’s largest solvent handling companies offering a wealth of services including solvent recycling, recovery (secondary liquid fuel), bulk and packaged solvent sales and incineration. When a customer generates a solvent by-product (used/spent solvent) it is Tradebe’s role to treat that solvent material in the most environmentally and economically sustainable way possible.

Recycling Solvents & Sales

In the first instance, we always look to recycle used solvents. In many cases, recycled solvents are used as an alternative for virgin material. Recycled solvents can be either returned to the original user (in a solvent Toll Recovery process) or repackaged for resale in small solvent quantities (containers, drums or IBCs) or bulk solvent quantities (distributed in tankers). Applicable European sites: Knottingley – UK, Rye – UK, Sunderland – UK, North Shields – UK, Doncaster - UK and Gualba – Spain.

Solvent Blending - Secondary Liquid Fuel (SLF)

When recycling is not a viable option due to the unsuitability of the used solvent, we extract the calorific value of the material through producing a secondary liquid fuel (SLF). SLF is used as a replacement for fossil fuels required to fire kilns, such as cement kilns. Applicable European site – Heysham, UK.


In most instances, solvent by-product (used/spent solvent) is treated through either a recycling or recovery process. The residues that remain after these treatments are then destroyed through high temperature incineration. Applicable European site – Fawley, UK.

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