Tradebe acquires a physicochemical treatment plant in Italy

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Barcelona, the 20th of April 2022. Tradebe continues to expand its operations in Europe, this time through its Environmental Services Division, having completed the acquisition of a physicochemical treatment plant in Adro (Brescia, Italy) from Zimmermann-gruppe.

The company employs approximately 15 people, has the capacity to treat 73,000 tons of hazardous liquid waste per year and has the following treatment lines: evaporation line, physicochemical treatment line, filter press for sludge treatment and biological treatment line.

The acquisition of Tradebe Adro is the second in Italy and is part of Tradebe’s strategic plan for growth in the Italian market where it has already been present since 2019 after the acquisition of a solvent recycling and purification plant in Fidenza (in the province of Parma). In addition, this acquisition also contributes to the company’s expansion in Europe, as well as to the creation of synergies with Tradebe’s existing facilities in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany.

Tradebe ended the 2021 financial year with a revenue of €613.7M compared to €517M in 2020, representing a growth of 18.7%. Approximately 90% of revenue came from the Environmental Services Division, which has grown by 15%.

The Storage Terminal Services Division has consolidated its position in the market, accounting for approximately 4% of revenue in 2021.