Tradebe Life Sciences acquires Cosmos Aromática Internacional

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Barcelona, the 4th of May 2022. Tradebe continues to expand its operations in Europe, this time through its Chemicals Division, after having completed the acquisition of Cosmos Aromática Internacional, a flavourings manufacturer for the food industry.

The company employs 40 people and closed the 2021 financial year with a turnover in excess of €7.5m. Its production facilities and offices are located in l’Ametlla del Vallès. It has 70 years of experience in the design and production of flavourings and develops its business both nationally and internationally.

The acquisition of Cosmos is part of the Tradebe Chemicals Division’s strategic plan to become a specialised producer of raw materials for different types of industries, as is the case for flavourings at Cosmos. In addition, Tradebe Chemicals already had a turnover of around €2.5m in the manufacturing of natural ingredients for the world of flavours and fragrances at its plants in Gualba, Rye (UK) and Fidenza (Italy).

TRADEBE Life Sciences

The Tradebe Life Sciences Business Line, which has a turnover of around €50m and 180 employees, focuses on the distillation and purification of raw materials through contract manufacturing services and tolling work for its customers, usually with a negative carbon footprint. In 2022, with the integration of Cosmos, it expects to exceed €70m and expand its workforce to 220 employees.

It offers a wide range of services, from simple distillation and liquid separation to specialised purification of high value-added products used as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, petrochemical and other sectors.

ISO22000 Food Safety Certification. Since last July, the division’s plant in Gualba (BCN) has had ISO 22000 food safety certification for one of its production lines. Since then, our facilities have become a centre for the production of raw materials for human consumption, with all the requirements and controls that this entails.

Some natural ingredients that are used for flavouring or seasoning food products require purification by distillation. Our years of experience in the sector managing complex raw materials have provided us with key learning and knowledge, which now allow us to distil and purify other chemical compounds of much higher added value with much higher demands in terms of quality and process control.