Tradebe receives the support of the Ministry of Industry of Cantabria to carry out an R&D&I project aimed at the recovery of solid waste

January 20, 2022
Image for: Tradebe receives the support of the Ministry of Industry of Cantabria to carry out an R&D&I project aimed at the recovery of solid waste

Within the framework of the INNOVA 2021 aid programme of the Ministry of Industry of Cantabria, aimed at encouraging and supporting industrial research projects, Tradebe has obtained support to carry out an industrial research project.

The INNOVA line is aimed at encouraging industrial research and experimental development in companies. Within the framework of this programme, the department headed by Javier López Marcano has granted aid totalling four million euros to 70 R&D&I projects by companies in the Autonomous Community, which will mobilise a total induced investment of 18 million euros.

The Minister emphasised that this aid programme is aimed at encouraging innovation in the business environment, supporting industrial research projects, experimental development and feasibility studies.

The programme has the triple objective of consolidating regional innovation projects, supporting Cantabrian industry and companies in the development of new innovative products, processes and services that offer innovative ways out of the crisis, and assessing new activities and actions around the new productive and technological scenarios of the new post-COVID19 socio-economic order.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Trade of the Government of Cantabria has awarded a grant of 71,532 euros to the Tradebe Santander (Lunagua) plant for the implementation of an R&D&I project consisting of the design of an industrial process for the recovery of solid waste from the treatment of gases from waste energy recovery facilities or fly ash.

Hybrid process

Tradebe Santander’s project aims to generate new knowledge focused on the design of a novel hybrid process for the recovery of the different fractions present in solid waste from gas treatment from waste or fly ash energy recovery facilities.

The Minister of Industry highlighted the socio-economic and environmental interest of this industrial research aimed at minimising or transforming practically in its entirety a significant volume of waste, usually destined for landfill, which in turn would allow its recovery by obtaining products with added value, and with the possibility of reintroduction into the production chain.

For the head of the Ministry of Industry and Innovation, this is a strategic project within the context of the circular economy based on the introduction of innovative technologies. López Marcano states that the industrial research that we have initiated at Tradebe Santander with the support of the Ministry of Industry will allow us to design a cutting-edge and innovative process, a pioneer in the recovery of this type of waste.

He adds that as this type of optimised facility does not exist either inside or outside Spain, the implementation of a plant of these characteristics will represent a diversification and enrichment of the productive fabric of Cantabria, thanks to the contribution of a unique and cutting-edge solution to the waste management sector.

The process we have proposed is based on the combination of technologies and the integration of physico-chemical separation techniques that allow for maximum ash recovery.